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Monday, 24 October 2016

The Monday Piece - Thorpe Park Fright Night 2016 with 365 Tickets

This week's Monday Piece is on Thorpe Park Fright Night 2016 with 365 tickets! A couple of weeks ago Nick and I headed off to Thorpe Park for a fun Saturday out courtesy of 365 tickets where we were ready to experience the Fright Night scare fest for this years Halloween! I'd not been to Thorpe Park before so didn't really know what to expect, it's pretty much in london so is easily accessible and straight forward to get to - we arrived and were mega excited to hop on the rollercoaster during the afternoon before it got dark and the Fright Night began. We went on Nemesis Inferno, Swarm, Stealth and the Rapids too - as with all theme parks the que situation was pretty busy but it was a Saturday so definitely wear your comfy stuff and shoes to be prepared for hanging around!

As soon as darkness came so did the Fright Night extravaganza, there were people spread across the park dressed to scare and in the 'contagion' area you could experience up close scariness with actors running around you, jumping out from hidden places and being generally freaky! The Fright Night includes mazes and rides designed to give you those Halloween chills, including themes from The Blair Witch project and the Derren Brown ghost train that was by far the most popular attraction there - everything at Thorpe Park is really close together which is ideal as it means you don't have to walk for miles and it's easy to get around the park, definitely get there as early as you can if you want to do all of the rides and I'd recommend getting in line for the ghost train experience first if you can as it's mega popular!

If you're looking for a Fright Night evening full of scariness and freakish fun then definitely head to Thorpe Park and get involved!

*c/o 365 Tickets Thorpe Park tickets, here*


Monday, 17 October 2016

The Monday Piece - Lord & Berry Eye Shadow Review

This week's Monday Piece is on Lord & Berry eye shadow review! As you may know if you've been reading my blog a little while, i'm all about muted and toned down make up - my eyebrows can be quite extravagant so i like to keep everything else pretty simple with neutral colours, so these nude and subtle colours by Lord & Berry are right up my street! Available in a range of 100 shades, the SETA eye shadow is Lord & Berry's classic, staple eye shadow - it's so versatile and the huge choice means there are colours for everybody and all skin tones too. I love these little pots of joy as they have a screw on lid, and fit neatly in my make up pouch, i love the sleek packaging and the monochrome style is so sleek and stylish, plus the formula is awesome and so easy to apply!

These shadows are great if you just want a simple, sheer light dusting of colour across your lids if you want to create an understated look, but you can also build the colour up really easily to create a deep, intense smoky eye and dramatic look. I've been using the silky smooth eye shadows and love how lightweight they are, plus they are super long lasting with crease free effects - the Ranja colour is great for everyday as it's a muted brown colour and looks so chic, and the stunning mega pigmented glittery Oasis green is fab for evening and party looks! Navy colours are always a great addition to your make up kit as the colour is so classic and looks ultra sultry. All of the colours are blendable and can be added to one another so creating an epic eye make up look has never been easier!

The Lord & Berry online store is full of so much pretty make up featuring all of their classic bits as well as new collections, i'm eyeing up their liglosses and liners so definitely take a peek at those too!

*c/o Lord & Berry eyeshadow in Oasis, Cobalt, Ranja, Storm here*


Sunday, 16 October 2016

RoseGal Black Hoodie

A super quick Sunday outfit update featuring what i wore today! I've been running errands here there and everywhere and still have so much to do so i've kept it simple with my fave studded jeans from Topshop and a mega plush cosy hoodie from Rosegal! The weekend's always go far too quickly, so i'm dashing off to get my chores done!

*c/o RoseGal hoodie, here*
*c/o Minusey leather jacket*
*Topshop jeans, here*
*Missy Empire boots*
*Necklace, gift*
*Bracelet, gift*

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