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Heidi-likes is a UK fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog.

Started in 2012 by a girl living in the Midlands to express her creative side, what she likes to do, what she buys, wears, eats and visits. A visual outlet of fashion and creativity, filled with fun and care free antics.

All emails accepted, please email for all collaboration requests and enquiries, don't be shy.


  1. Hi,I already have followed you.follower 342.

  2. I am waiting you to follow me :)

  3. thankyou for the lovely comment on my blog! i love your blog - followed! x x

  4. I thought it would be more appropriate to comment on this, rather than every post I just sat and read. I just read your blog for a good 20 minutes, I'm a new blogger so i'm spending a hell of a lot of time reading other peoples blogs to get inspiration and just general knowledge. Plus I love reading about other peoples fashion ideas and opinions. I'd just like to say 1) I couldn't be more jealous of your hair, I bet you get this all the time! Especially on your latest post were its curly, it looks beaut! 2) I love your style, the fact it's not generic and to girly girly, there's such a mix in there, I read post to post and never got bored because you experiment so much with your style.

    Anyway sorry for this hefty comment, just thought you'd like to know how much I loved your blog! And how much it's helped me.


  5. To me it's awesome how you have a degree in History, it's not common, I LOVE History, World History was like my favorite subject in High school and all my friends thought I was boring lol. But idk I just find it sooooo interesting. I've been thinking of major in that x)

    BTW I'm new to your blog and I'm just so happy I discovered you :) I think you are awesome and I love your style

  6. Love the bit on Boohoo
    I have a blog at
    About fashion and other things, enjoy x

  7. Do you never wear socks?


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